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Here at Mueller Therapeutics, the goal is to offer the highest quality therapy at an affordable rate. Every session is designed to move you further towards your goals. Focus will be given to the most troubled areas, by means of manual therapy. If you are looking for a relaxation/spa-like massage then please call Grandview Resort. I provide functional bodywork; with this, there may be discomfort. However, the aim is to correct old injuries and make educated moves to advance you to the next level.



Deep Tissue / Structural Integration

This treatment is designed to search out various holding patterns in your body and begin the correction process. Questions will be asked regarding work habits, sleep habits, and past injuries. Deep tissue does not mean painful! I will work with the layers of tissue, from superficial to deep, in a systematic and focused approach. This is the most functional treatment, for auto collision patients and those with chronic pain.

60 minutes - $90
90 minutes - $120
120 Minutes - $180

Trigger-Point / Cupping

Trigger-point therapy is an effective application for many situations. When done correctly, pressure applied in specific areas can create referral patterns (slight pain sent to other areas). For example, those with headaches, migraines, TMJ disorder, shoulder and rotator cuff issues that present as tingling or referred pain to the hand(s). Trigger- points can help find the source of the pain and recruit your central nervous system to continue working on those areas. Cupping is a 3000 year old practice used in Chinese medicine. It is highly effective, when used in localized areas and is a technique I use to separate the layers of tissue and to increase blood and nerve flow. Used in general areas, cupping can be detoxifying and has been shown to have great success with various sleep issues. Side note: Much of this therapy is designed to increase blood flow and alter the bodies response to pain. With that, the limits will be pushed, but not over stepped.

60 minutes - $90
90 minutes - $120

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

This is a technique I use for those with headaches, migraines or sinus and inner ear issues/disorders. It has been shown to have many other benefits for the human body including mood disorders and those with brain/nerve disorders. I incorporate CST into a standard relaxation massage (something I’m not known for) and use it to create balance and relaxation within the skull, spine, and overall central nervous system. It involves light holds on various bones of the skull until “still point” is achieved. Cerebral spinal fluid that flows up and down the spine and around the brain is slowed and the normally moving/rotating bones of the skull stop moving. At that point, many find a deep state of relaxation. In some cases the body will twitch, some will fall asleep, and some will see random colors and pictures. Bizarre stuff!! Either way, if you are having doubts, give it a try!

60 minutes - $90
90 minutes - $120

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Covid-19 Statement


To enjoy your experience to the fullest, we ask that guests be aware of the following standards and requests to help us ensure your safety and comfort as well as that of other clients.


All Clients must answer the following health screening questions at time of booking* (verbal), prior to their session via appointment confirmation or reminders (verbal or email), and at time of session (written):

Have you been asked to self-isolate or quarantine by a doctor or a local public health official in the last 14 days?
Have you experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (fever, cough, shortness of breath or other respiratory problem)?
Have you had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days?

Clients may call the studio when they arrive and enter the lobby at least 5 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time to complete their temperature check and health screening questionnaire.
Clients are required to have their temperature taken via a touchless thermometer prior to their session. Clients with a temperature of 100.4 or higher must reschedule their appointment with no late cancel fee or penalty. (Massage Therapist temperature will be taken at the start of their shift)
The entire room is disinfected, including table, bolster, face cradle, door handles, drawer handles, cabinets stools, and light switch
Room will be prepared with fresh sheets and face cradle cover
Ben will always wear a mask and will wash his hands before going to the lobby to greet guests


Ben will wear a face mask. Face masks are strongly encouraged for all clients.
For extra sanitation precautions, all blankets have been removed from treatment rooms until further notice and have been replaced with two sheets for warmth and to protect modesty.


15 minute turnover period between each session to perform the necessary sanitation protocols and complete the procedures detailed above.

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